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Flowers & Cakes

Sweeten Every Petal: Make Birthdays Extra Special with Beautiful Blossoms & Indulgent Cakes Pairings!

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Birthday Flowers

Birthday Blossoms: Let our Birthday Flowers Brighten Every Celebration!

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Astrology Flowers

Floral Horoscopes: Let Your Zodiac Sign Bloom with Flowers Designed for Your Astrological Sign!

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Birthday Balloons

Up, Up, and Celebrate! Elevate The Birthday Fun with Colorful Balloons!

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Birthday Cakes

Cake Magic: Make Birthday Celebrations Memorable with These Delectable Cakes!

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Disney Birthday Flower Stands

Infuse Your Birthday Parties with Color and Charm Using Our Gorgeous Disney and Sanrio flower stands!



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Birthday Flowers Frequently Asked Questions

We have 16 retail outlets located in various popular shopping malls around Singapore! Walk in or order online and self-collect your Birthday flowers at your preferred time!



Yes, at Xpressflower, we provide both express delivery and same-day delivery in Singapore.

Express delivery 3 hours

  • Need your Birthday flowers urgently in Singapore? Contact our Customer Service team at +65 6280 1007 or whatsapp, and we’ll get your Birthday flowers & gifts delivered locally to you in just 3 hours!

Free Same Day Birthday Gifts & Flowers Delivery Singapore
  • Place your order online by 11 am, and get your Birthday flowers delivered within the same day for FREE*! (*For Weekdays 1 pm - 5:59 pm delivery slot only)

Well, that depends on the person you’re gifting them to! At Xpressflower, we understand that everyone has their own unique preferences and tastes. That’s why we offer a wide range of options to cater to different individuals.

Birthday Flowers

  • Xpressflower’s birthday flowers are a great gift for those who love receiving flowers on their special day! Each bouquet and arrangement features carefully selected flower types with meaningful symbolism, allowing you to convey your heartfelt messages to the birthday recipient. Accessorised with a "Happy Birthday" decor or bundled with birthday cakes & treats, you'll be sure to find something festive for the birthday boy/girl!

Personalised Birthday Photo Gifts
  • In addition to fresh flowers, Xpressflower also offers flowers with a personalised photo, allowing you to create a truly one-of-a-kind birthday gift for the birthday celebrant!

Flowers and Birthday Sweet Treats
  • Add sweetness to the birthday experience of the recipient by pairing flowers with sweet treats. Imagine the joy on their faces when they receive Kenya Roses with Chocolate Udders Ice Cream, Million Star Baby’s Breath with FOSSA Chocolates, or Pink Roses with Sliced Cake. These delightful combinations will make their birthday extra special!

Flowers and Unique Birthday Gifts
  • Leave a lasting impression on your recipient's birthday with Xpressflower’s flowers and unique gifts! Our wide selection includes Gerbera with Disney Touch Warmer and Candle Bundle, Champagne Roses with Precious Moments Figurine, and Roses and Tulips with Burberry Perfume.


  • Sunflowers symbolise happiness and joy, making them the perfect flower for birthdays! Gifting someone sunflowers on their birthday is a wonderful way to convey your wishes for happiness and fill their day with joy. Our Sunflowers with Fossa Chocolate birthday bouquet is a top favourite!

  • Gerberas come in vibrant happy colours such as red and pink, representing happiness & cheerfulness! Gerberas make excellent choices as Birthday flowers and plus, they look great in photos!

Million Star Baby's Breath
  • Roses are classic with various colours carrying unique meanings to convey your affection and admiration for the birthday celebrant! Alternatively, matching the roses’ colour to the birthday recipient's favourite colors is always a great choice!

Yes, we offer a range of add-ons to enhance your birthday gifts. You can choose to include items such as birthday cards, balloons, chocolates, ice cream, and more to make the gift even more special. Simply select your add-ons above the "Add to cart" button and customise your one-of-a-kind birthday flowers & gift bundle!

At Xpressflower, we offer several personalised service for your birthday gift:

Flowers with Personalised Photos

  • Our Flowers & Photo Gift collection allows you to include a personalised photo along with the birthday flowers. This pink gerberas with a magnetic personalised photo creates a lasting memory and serves as a beautiful keepsake for the birthday celebrant.

Customised Add-ons
  • We provide various add-ons that can be to make your customised gift more personal. In addition to message cards and sweet treats, we also have birthday balloons, Disney candle warmers, photo printing, plush cuddly toys, fragrances and more. These additional items allow you to tailor the gift to the recipient’s preferences and make it truly unique!

Personalised Gift Message
  • When placing your order, you can include a personalised message that will be attached to the gift. This allows you to express your heartfelt wishes and sentiments to the recipient.

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