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Same-Day Flower Delivery Singapore | Order by 3pm for same-day Roses delivery!


Why get your roses from us?

Rose Bouquets

A rose is a rose, but a bouquet of the freshest and most beautiful roses is always in season!

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Big Rose Bouquets

Bigger is better! Grandest gestures made easy with 36 stalks to 101 stalks rose bouquets!

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Rose Arrangements

Ranging from classic vases to modern mugs, find the perfect rose arrangements to suit your style and needs here!

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Rose Bloom Boxes

What can be better than stunning rose bloom boxes expertly arranged and ready to be delivered?

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Roses FAQs

Where can I find Roses near me?

We have 18 retail outlets located in various popular shopping malls around Singapore! Walk in or order online and self-collect your Roses at your preferred time!



Harbourfront: VivoCity


Changi Airport: Jewel Changi Airport

Tampines: Tampines Mall

Bedok: Bedok Mall

Paya Lebar: Orion@PayaLebar, PLQ Mall

Serangoon: Nex

Sengkangs: Compass One


Jurong: Jurong Point, Westgate

Clementi: Clementi Mall

Bukit Batok: West Mall


Toa Payoh: HDB Hub

Orchard: Plaza Singapura

Do you have urgent delivery for Roses in Singapore?

Express delivery 3 hours

Need your Roses urgently in Singapore? Contact our Customer Service team at +65 6280 1007 or whatsapp, and we’ll get your Roses delivered locally to you in just 3 hours!

Free Same Day Roses Delivery Singapore

Place your order online by 11 am, and get your Roses delivered within the same day for FREE*! (*For Weekdays 1 pm - 5:59 pm only)

What are various gifts available which contain Roses?

Rose Fresh Flower Bouquets

Rose fresh flower bouquets make a great gift for any occasion, from birthdays, anniversaries, funerals or simply to say “I’m Sorry”! They are beautiful and are the most popular option to send as a surprise gift to anyone

Rose Fresh Flower Arrangements

Rose fresh flower arrangements are a great alternative to bouquets. Arrangements are ready to be displayed to enhance any space and can also be gifted for any occasion such as birthdays, housewarmings, or even at funerals.

Rose Fresh Flower Cup of Blooms

Rose fresh flower cup of blooms is an arrangement in a mug or pencil holder that is practical and can be reused! Also ready to be displayed, these cup of blooms is suitable for occasions such as Mother’s Day, Teacher’s Day, birthdays, and more!

What are the meanings behind every coloured Rose?

Red Roses

Red roses symbolize ultimate love, romance & passion. They are perfect for Birthdays, Anniversaries, Valentine’s Day, and other romantic occasions! Check out Grand Affection, a best-seller from our Big Rose Bouquets category!

Dark Pink Roses

Dark pink roses symbolize gratitude & appreciation. They are typically gifted as congratulatory gifts, Thank You gifts, or for anyone you’re grateful for! Send thanks to someone with this gorgeous arrangement, Pinklady Glow.

Light Pink Roses

Light pink roses are a symbol of femininity, grace & comfort. They make perfect flowers for Thank You gifts. Cheer someone up with the sweetness of Pink Avi.

Yam (Purple) Roses

Yam roses or purple roses represent royalty, adoration & fascination. They are usually given for Anniversaries, Valentine’s Day, or other romantic occasions. Express your devotion with this licensed Disney cup of blooms, Utopian Couple.

White Roses

White roses are perfect as a symbol of pure love & innocence, and they are suitable for Mother’s Day, Weddings, religious events, or even Funerals. Send some purest love with our best-seller, Pure Beginnings.

Blue Roses

Blue roses are rare and represent spirituality, mystery & new beginnings and are perfect for Birthdays, and romantic occasions! How about sending our popular blue bouquet, Gentle Desires to surprise someone now?

What do the numbers of Roses mean?

A single rose

Love at first sight

3 stalks

I love you

5 stalks

I love & care for you

6 stalks

I want to be yours

9 stalks

I’m eternally yours

10 stalks

You are perfect!

12 stalks

Will you be mine?

16 stalks

Bon voyage

20 stalks

Feel my sincerity

24 stalks

I’m committed to you

50 stalks

Unconditional love

99 stalks

I love you to death

How do you care for your Roses?

Rose Fresh Flower Arrangements

A rose arrangement typically comes in a clear vase, mug or pot and they can last between 3 - 5 days under ideal conditions.

For fresh roses in clear vases: 

1. Keep away from direct sunlight and place in a cool environment, preferably in an air-conditioned room.
2. Spritz some water on the flowers once daily
3. Remove water from the vase and change it with fresh water every other day
4. Trim your flower stems, and cut around 3-5cm at 45-degree angles

For fresh roses in mugs or pots (usually comes with flower foam):

1. Keep away from direct sunlight and place in a cool environment, preferably in an air-conditioned room.
2. Spritz some water on the flowers once daily
3. Monitor the water level in the cup/pot and make sure the foam is constantly soaked
4. Add as much water into the mug/pot daily and allow the foam to naturally soak in the moisture

Rose Fresh Flower Bouquet

A rose bouquet is usually wrapped up together and contains wet cotton to preserve moisture. The estimated longevity of the fresh roses will be 2-3 days under ideal conditions.

1. Keep away from direct sunlight and place in a cool environment, preferably in an air-conditioned room.
2. Place your bouquet upright to avoid spillage of water from the water bag
3. Spritz some water on the flowers once daily

However if you wish to keep the roses in your bouquet longer, you may wish to take them apart and transfer the roses to a vase instead. Here’s how you can transform your bouquet into a floral arrangement!

1. Unwrap your bouquet and take all the flowers and wrappers apart
2. Trim your flower stems at 45-degree angles
3. Prepare a vase/holder and fill it with clean water
4. Arrange your cut flowers into the vase/holder based on your creativity
5. Enjoy your personal fresh flower arrangement!

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