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The Ultimate 2021 Chinese New Year Preparation Checklist

The Year of the Ox is almost upon us

and with the shocking 2020 behind us, we are all looking forward to this Lunar New Year. But first, we have to overcome the Chinese New Year preparation stress. So many chores to do, and so little time. Plus maneuvering the Circuit Breaker laws in place is an added challenge to the best of our CNY plans.

A little sigh of relief please, because we have an essential CNY preparation checklist to tide you through, just so you won’t miss anything out.


Spring Clean And Say ‘Bye’ to Bad Luck

Starting with the most difficult and time-consuming chore on the list, this age old tradition has to be done, as it is believed that the dust represents your bad luck from the previous year.

Schedule this a few weeks early! We know it’s the worst and you are most likely to drag your feet. One tip is to break it up into small 2-3 hours sessions, and schedule at least 2 days a week for it. Be smart and get your family members in on this too…

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Have Fun with CNY Retail Therapy

Skip the Chinese New Year rush and start early to avoid crowds and score early bird deals!

You will need a couple of CNY themed outfits. Remember to avoid black as it is an inauspicious colour.  Ladies can opt for dusty pink, deep burgundy or blue. Gentlemen, shades of red are always a classic! Also set aside some time to get your hair, nails, lashes and brows done.

On top of new clothes, you will also need to stock up on your favourite New Year goodies. Chinese New Year is not the same without our favourite treats such as pineapple tarts and bak kwa!

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Decorate Your Homes with Auspicious Items

Welcome fortune into your homes by putting banners of auspicious words on your door and on your walls. 

You can also consider floral arrangements. Brightly coloured arrangements are believed to bring in good luck and change your fengshui for the better! Plus, they make a refreshing welcome to your CNY guests!


Head to Your Nearest Bank

It is the season of hongbaos! Skip the snaking lines and go to the bank early! You will need to prepare a lot of new bank notes. Some banks such as POSB allows you to collect your new notes without the queue if you have made an online reservation. For more information, check out POSB’s official website here!

Some Chinese also believe that it is important to start the Lunar New Year debt free, so take this chance to also pay off any outstanding bills.

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Reunion Dinners

Traditionally, the eve of Chinese New Year is where we get together with our immediate family for a reunion dinner, but you can also organise one with your closest friends and work colleagues within the period. 

Book early and remember that Circuit Breaker laws apply! If you are eating out, you can only have a party of 8. Remember to keep your masks on during lohei. If you plan to host the dinner at home, you can invite up to 8 guests! 

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Send Gourmet Hampers and Floral Arrangements Out!

Don’t forget to keep in touch and send your well wishes to your friends, family, and business associates. 2020 was a hard year for many of us; show them that you care with Xpressflower.com’s delicious gourmet hampers that are full of delectable New Year goodies or send them a Chinese New Year themed floral arrangement to usher in good luck!

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Plan Visiting Slots ahead of time…

With Circuit Breaker laws in place this year, we will all have to make difficult adjustments. On the bright side of things, Chinese New Year is not cancelled, and we can still do our visiting. 

With a cap of 8 visitors per household per day, plan ahead in your extended family Whatsapp Chat Group and pick your visiting slots! Visitors, remember that you are only limited to two households a day!

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Lastly, here are things to avoid during the official Chinese New Year Period

  • don’t do sewing or any handiwork
  • don’t do any renovation
  • don’t borrow money
  • avoid wearing dark colours especially black
  • don’t forget to bring a pair of mandarin oranges when you go visiting
  • don’t forget to have fun and open your hearts
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The Year of the Ox is about being persistent and hardworking. In the midst of pursuing our career and working hard, it is also important to take care of yourself and your family. Don’t forget to share your abundance and love with your loved ones this Lunar New Year! We’ve got a selection of festive gourmet hampers including Yuan Collagen’s soup pack as well as colourful floral arrangements.

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