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Same-Day Flower Delivery Singapore | Order by 3pm for same-day Roses delivery!

Big-Hearted Aquarius (White Orchids & Hydrangea)

Big-Hearted Aquarius (White Orchids & Hydrangea)
ZAQ2021 Big-Hearted Aquarius astrology flowers
ZAQ2021 Big-Hearted Aquarius astrology flowers
ZAQ2020 Enlightened Aquarius Astrology Flowers
  • Description
  • Aquarius

The humanitarians of the zodiac, the water bearers are constantly thinking of how to better society. Gift their big hearts with this lovely arrangement to inspire their day!

Flowers Used:
White hydrangea, orchid white, eryngium blue, thlaspi green bell, onion leaves and monstera leaves.

Approx. 30cm (L) x 32cm (H)

Vase dimension:
12cm (O) x 15cm (H)

Items Included:
Comes with an Astrology Aquarius Acrylic Keychain & a postcard with Recipient name on it (Please indicate the name in the "Special Instruction" when check out).

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*Some blooms will vary in size and colour according to seasons. The final product may not resemble the image 100%.

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The intellectual activist of the zodiac, Aquarius exudes calm wisdom and cares deeply for the society. The water bearer is often independent and eccentric. They are ruled by their mind instead of their emotions. You can always trust an Aquarius to come up with an original solution to a problem as they think in inventive ways. However, because they are so often in their own heads, they can come across as aloof and detached. The water bearer can benefit from opening themselves to others’ emotional connection and learn not to push people away.



“I will open my heart to myself and others for my ideas to manifest.”



Amethyst for intuition & focus, Yellow Jasper for calming




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Big-Hearted Aquarius (White Orchids & Hydrangea)

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