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The Meaning Behind Every Coloured Rose

If you thought that reading a girl’s mind was already impossible and that buying her a gift is a tricky affair, look no further. We’ve got you covered. With this quick guide, discover the meaning behind every different rose colour and you’ll never have to make a faux pas again.

Did you know that colours can affect how we feel or evoke certain emotions? A coloured rose is no different.


Red Roses

Those intense feels you have, choose red as it historically symbolises strong and intense feelings.

Nothing says “I love you” quite like a bouquet of deep red roses. No wonder it’s usually the hottest-selling flower bouquet among lovers for Valentine’s Day.

Perfect for?

Valentine’s Day


Pink Roses

This girly colour epitomises femininity.

With this sweet and innocent flower, you are telling her that you find her sweet, gentle and graceful which makes a bouquet of pink roses perfect for the first impression!

Perfect for?

First Dates


Yellow Roses

Channel good vibes with yellow roses as this sunshine colour evokes feelings of happiness and optimism..

Friends love to gift each other with this flower to signal their support and solidarity. This beauty symbolises friendship and joy.

Perfect for?

International Friendship Day
Your BFF is having a Bad Day


Orange Roses

Like the colour that evokes fiery feeling of warmth, passion and excitement.
This rose induces feelings of energy, enthusiasm, and desire and can represent deep admiration

Perfect for?

That Spontaneous Date
Girl Who Has Caught Your Eye


Peach Roses

Did someone helped you out of a bind recently?

Or was support and care offered when you needed it most? To say “thank you”, gift peach roses as they signify gratitude and appreciation.

Perfect for?

International Friendship Day
Your BFF is having a Bad Day


Purple Roses

It’s not the colour of royalty for nothing! A woman who wears or likes purple definitely knows her worth as it is a colour often associated with luxury and success.

Unbeknownst to most, the purple rose can also symbolises enchantment.

Perfect for?

Your Lady Boss


Blue Roses

Au contraire, while we often associate blue with sadness and moodiness, the blue rose stands for something else entirely.

It’s enigmatic, mysterious, and frankly feels like it is out of this world.

Perfect for?

A Surprise Date
Someone Whom You Admire


White Roses

White stands for innocence and purity. It is unblemished and untainted.

Gifting someone with a white roses bouquet will always be a classy choice as it represents an innocent love, plus it suits all dining wall colours. Just saying…

Perfect for?

Your First Love
The Classy Girl


Rainbow Roses

This modern invention is also known as the happy rose. No surprises here as the colour of the rainbow often brings out feelings of wonder and happiness.

Plus these babies are a work of art, no?

Perfect for?

Someone Louder Than Life
The Adventurous Girl

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