Matcha Green Tea Cake

(CIS1601 )
Matcha Green Tea Cake
CIS1601 Matcha Cake
CIS1601A matcha cake
  • Description

Refresh and indulge your senses with Cake Inspiration's Matcha Green Tea Cake that will surely tickle your taste buds. Its unique, initially rich and astringently vegetal taste followed by a lingering sweetness makes our Matcha Green Tea Cake one of a kind!

Frosted in jade green icing that comes with a faint aroma of subtle matcha flavor complemented by specially prepared red bean paste complements the light, moist and airy sponge cake veiled with matcha mousse that truly showcase oriental fusion of a perfect blend.

  • Size: 8 Inch, 800grams
  • Kindly place your order at least 24hours in advance to allow time for order processing.


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Matcha Green Tea Cake