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uPen Acupressure Massager

uPen Acupressure Massager
OS1803F uPen Acupressure Massager
OS1803 uPen Acupressure Massager
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Looking for the perfect gift for someone after a hard day’s work? This combo of whimsical rainbow rose bouquet and Osim uPen set might just be for you! Relieve some of their pent up stress with this colorful medley of blooms and handy Acupressure massager.


• This hand bouquet features 3 stalks rainbow Premium Ecuador roses, white eustoma and blue million star.

• Comes with a uPen Handheld Massager.

• As some contents are subject to availability, they may be replaced with similar items of equal or greater value.

One end of the massager works as a pen, while the other has a gentle vibrating textured head that stimulates. Simply press the vibrating head of the massager onto your face or any part of your body to release tension and stress.




  • Model: uPen Handheld Massager
  • Model number: OS-420
  • Colours: Black
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uPen Acupressure Massager

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