UD1805 Easy-to-Love
UD1805 Easy-to-Love
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What better present can you give your favorite people other than this adorable set of pastel hued blooms paired with exquisite treats that is undoubtedly easy to love!

  • This arrangement features pink and blue million star.
  • Comes with Udders Ice Cream (Approx. 400g) Weight may vary slightly due to different ingredients in each flavour.
  • Choice of Chocolate Kit Kat, Cookies & Cream, Earl Grey and Vanilla Beanz
  • As some contents are subject to availability, they may be replaced with similar items of equal or greater value.

*NOTE: Udders Chocolate Kit Kat,Cookies & Cream and Earl Grey are currently unavailable.

Udders is a Singapore-based ice cream company well-known for their creative indigenous flavors and luscious liqueur flavors!


1. Cookies & Cream

Real Oreo cookies hand-crushed into our home-made Cookies and Cream flavour…..taste the difference!


2. Earl Grey

An intense tea flavor. Heavenly for Earl Grey fans.


3. Chocolatey Kit Kat

Dark chocolate with Kit Kat bars mixed in. A favorite with children and the young at heart.


4. Vanilla Beanz

Deliciously fresh dreamy, creamy vanilla. Made only from natural vanilla beans extracted by hand.


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